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ESCO | Temizlik Kabini | Esco Fan Filter Unit - Airstream
ESCO | Temizlik Kabini | Esco Fan Filter Unit - Airstream ESCO | Temizlik Kabini | Esco Fan Filter Unit - Airstream - 1
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Temizlik Kabini

Esco Fan Filter Unit - Airstream

Esco's Airstream® Cleanroom Fan Filter Unit is a leading-edge fan filter unit (FFU) designed to provide filtered laminar airflow over a specific area. The unit integrates a high efficiency fan together with a HEPA / ULPA filter. The FFU draws in contaminated air from the top of the module, and exhausts filtered clean air vertically in a unidirectional (laminar) air stream at its base. FFU’s are commonly used in the construction of Class 1 to Class 100,000 cleanrooms (as per the US Federal Standard 209E).

We have leveraged our experience of more than 20 years in cleanroom design and construction (a business we are no longer engaged in) to develop an FFU that simply performs better at a lower cost. Our in-house research and development facilities include an acoustically insulated HEPA-filtered test environment chamber, where Airstream® Fan Filter Unit design is optimized for low noise level and energy efficiency.

Our manufacturing capabilities range from complete computerised sheet metal design, to fabrication and assembly. A vertically-integrated approach ensures that quality can be controlled at every step of the way. To ensure performance and quality, only materials from leading suppliers are used. Furthermore, all incoming raw materials are inspected via a statistical sampling method.

  • Lightweight, corrosion-resistant construction
  • Quiet operation of less than 56 dBA
  • Standard blower speed controller
  • Low Power consumption levels
  • UL approved electrical components
  • A wide range of construction sizes and options
  • Isocide™ antimicrobial coated structure eliminates 99.9% of bacterial presence on external surfaces within 24 hours.
  • Integral HEPA / ULPA filter
  • Improved mounting techniques and sound insulation
Quality control at factory before shipment:
  • Functional tests and visual inspection
  • Electrical safety analysis tests
  • Air velocity testing

Unlike other manufacturers, Esco is one of the few manufacturers of fan filter units with core expertise in the design of other high performance clean air and containment equipment through our other business divisions.

FFU testing
Here in Esco, we have a dedicated test facility to test the performance of our FFU product series. Constructed by in-lab professionals with years of experience in the industry, the localized environment within the test chamber is almost sound proof. Hundred percent of the interior surface area of the test chamber, except for the monitoring window, is padded with acoustic boards to absorb impact sound waves thus minimizing reflection.
Primary parameters under test are the air velocity and noise level, while secondary parameters under monitor are the ambient temperature and humidity. These tests are necessary to ensure that the noise generated by the unit is within the acceptable level of human tolerance and that the air velocity is enough to set up a circulating air current. These parameters are measured electronically in the absence of any human and noise generating instruments and relayed to the lab computer positioned outside the chamber.
Our own custom designed test procedure and automation software which runs the tests, are engineered by DAQ (Data Acquisition) specialists. This enables the necessary readings to be monitored on the PC screen.
Our generous expenditure in research and development makes Esco a place where quality and reliability meets affordability. This enables us to deliver the most technically advanced product in the industry.
Blowers used on Airstream Fan Filter Units
Esco Airstream Fan Filter Units utilize permanently lubricated centrifugal external-rotor motor blowers from ebm-papst, manufacturer of innovative fan and motor technology headquartered in Germany.
External rotor-motor designs are known for their compact and flat build and energy-efficiency. Due to the fact that the external-rotor motor is integrated in the impeller, the design allows for optimum cooling of the motor.
All rotating parts are directly fitted to one component and dynamically balanced as such. Total weight is equally distributed to bothe bearings.
Esco Airstream Fan Filter Units are available with standard AC centrifugal blowers from ebm-papst, as well as with energy-efficient electronically commutated (EC) backward-curve centrifugal blower systems.
Construction Options
  • Version 2 type (integral blower + casing)

Unit can be suspended from the ceiling; better appearance since entire unit is in one-piece

  • Version 3 type (filter and blower are built into separate casing)

Lower cost, however unit cannot be ceiling suspended, and appearance is also poorer; suitable when unit is mounted in the cleanrooms

Exterior Construction Materials Options:
  • (G) Galvanized Steel

Galavanized steel construction provides a more economical alternative when external appearance is not the most important factor. Esco only uses the highest grade steel coated in order to prevent rust and corrosion. This material may be recommended when cost is of the highest priority and when the fan filter unit is used in applications such as construction of cleanrooms (in which the main body itself is isolated and "hidden" from the view in the cleanroom ceiling).

  • (A) Aluminum

Aluminum construction is the most coomon material of choice and provides a cost-effective solution for all fan filter unit applications. Aluminum is light-weight, corrosion-resistant, will not generate particles, and is thus cleanroom compatible. Esco uses only the highest quality anodized aluminum for an industrial-grade finish that is both aesthetic and durable.

  • (P) Powder-Coated Steel

Construction in coated steel with an abrasion-resistant powder-coated finish. This exterior finish provides a visually attractive, durable, smooth and totally cleanroom compatible finish. Recommended when the fan filter unit is exposed to exterior view such as in the construction of modular clean air devices and laminar flow cabinets, and when custom colours are required. Cost is approximately the same as aluminum construction.

  • (S) Stainless Steel

This exterior finish provides a visually attractive, durable and smooth finish. Recommended when required for pharmaceutical applications, and is the highest in terms of the cost.

Filtration Agents
Esco Airstream Fan Filter Units are available with the latest mini-pleat separatorless HEPA or ULPA filters by Cafil Farr, headquartered in Sweden, a leading global manufacturer of filters and clean-air solutions.
HEPA and ULPA filters are constructed of pleated borosillicate glass fibers which are glued into an aluminum frame.
The aluminum frame is gasketes to form the final filter assembly with single-piece gasket that reduces the possibility of leakage/gasket damage. The numerous adavantages of the mini-pleat separatorless filter technology over the conventional aluminum separator filter technology include:
  • Compact size that containes more pleat per unit of filter surface area.
  • Increased media area with more effective dust holding and longer filter life.
  • Aluminum frame that is lighter than the conventional wooden frame used in aluminum separatored filter technologies. The aluminum frame also eliminates the possibility of swelling in moist conditions present with conventional wooden-frames.
  • Eliminates the possibility of filter damage by aluminum separators.

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