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ESCO | Temizlik Kabini | Esco Laminar Flow Straddle Unit - Enterprise
ESCO | Temizlik Kabini | Esco Laminar Flow Straddle Unit - Enterprise ESCO | Temizlik Kabini | Esco Laminar Flow Straddle Unit - Enterprise - 1 ESCO | Temizlik Kabini | Esco Laminar Flow Straddle Unit - Enterprise - 1
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Temizlik Kabini

Esco Laminar Flow Straddle Unit - Enterprise

Esco is a leader in premium laminar flow clean benches for the global industrial and life sciences market. Since 1978, Esco has installed tens of thousands of laminar flow clean benches providing reliable protection for samples and work processes for a multitude of applications.

Esco laminar flow clean benches are the premium selection for the discerning purchaser, offering a combination of value, high quality construction, low operating noise levels, and a wide product range to suit all budgets, from the industry leader. Esco Enterprise Laminar Flow Straddle Units are designed for larger-scale process protection in industrial applications typically requiring multiple units connected in an assembly line configuration. They may be placed within an ISO Class 8 cleanroom to provide an ultra-clean environment directly at the process level, without the initial and operating costs associated with a full-sized ISO Class 3 or 4 cleanroom. 
  • Quiet, reliable, permanently lubricated direct drive centrifugal blowers.
  • Long-life ULPA filter for supply airflow.
  • Sterile work zone environment created for optimum product protection.
  • Esco antimicrobial coating on all painted surfaces minimizes contamination.
  • Available in single, double, 1.2 and 1.8 meter (4’ and 6’) models.
  • Multiple units may be connected for production line applications.
  • Units are floor mounted with stainless steel work surfaces isolated from the main frame to reduce vibration.

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