Esco Laminar Flow Cabinet - Labculture Reverse Horizontal

The Labculture Reverse Horizontal Flow Cabinet (RHL) protects the operator and the laboratory environment from particles, aerosols, powders and allergens. The large volume of horizontal inward airflow provides equivalent protection with superior access into the work zone compared with Class I Biological Safety Cabinets, fume hoods or related containment devices. This cabinet does not provide protection against chemical vapors nor protect the product from exposure to contaminants. Suitable applications include animal handling (where product protection is not required), powder containment, sputum induction and others. 

  • Accurate true airflow velocity sensing technology, measures all critical cabinet airflow parameters allowing superior monitoring. Temperature compensated sensors ensure increased accuracy.
  • The ergonomically designed work surface with a curved front edge is designed for maximum operator comfort.
  • Spillage-retention work surface with recessed central area.
  • The cabinet interior is constructed of stainless steel, making the work zone easy to clean.
  • High quality ULPA filters, utilizing an improved minipleated separation technique to maximize surface area.
  • The intelligent blower system maintains airflow as the filter becomes loaded, ensuring optimum efficiency and product protection.
  • Reverse horizontal airflow.

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