Funke Gerber Milk Analysis - ColonyStar

ColonyStar bacterial colony counter easy-to-clean plastic casing, adjustable in height, with directly or indirectly illuminated area of 145 mm Ø, glare free, frosted glass and clear glass plate with cm2 and 1/9-cm2 graduation, and electrical contact pin with felt pen for marking. Petri dishes up to 145 mm Ø can be used. In the case of smaller diameters, the supplied reducing insert can be used. 220 V/50 Hz, 25 x 23 x 7.5 cm. 1.7 kg.

8500 ColonyStar with accessories (8501, 8503, 8504, 8505)
8501 Magnifying glass with sturdy base and flexible arm
8502 ColonyStar without accessories
8503 Automatic contact pin for counting
8504 Felt refill, replacement part for item 8503
8505 Clear glass plate with dark field