Funke Gerber Milk Analysis - LactoStar


Newly developed appliance for the routine testing of milk. Fat, protein, lactose, SNF, freezing point. Please see P.38 for a more detailed description. 3510 including accessories
thermal printer, type 7151
milk sample bottle, type 3041
Replacement part:
3560-023 pump head 
The two new appliances, “LactoStar” and “Lacto-Starmini” , supersede the previous milk analysis equipment that has been installed for years in countless laboratories at home and abroad. As a result, we shall be able to meet the demand for a simple, inexpensive device as well as the growing demands in milk analysis, e.g. for determination of protein, lactose, minerals and freezing points.
The measuring technology has been significantly improved in a number of ways with both appliances:
Measuring cells have been optimised in order to avoid dirt contamination as well as to improve
thermal characteristics. All of the electronic boards have been reworked using SMD technology.
The simple operation of the former devices, which was exemplary in their time, has been further improved: The appliances have been provided with a user-friendly 5-key operating system, instead of the 3-key one. Information is shown on an LCD graphics display.
New: A complete documentation of the measured
results is effected with the aid of an incorporated clock/calendar.
Measurement principle:
LactoStar und LactoStarmini (item No. 3520) The milk sample (12 ml to 20 ml, adjustable) is sucked
into the measuring cell by means of a pump. Both the fat content as well as the fat-free dry mass are determined by using thermal measurement effects.
LactoStar (item No. 3510)
Milk analysis device with fully automatic cleansing/flushing and fully automatic zero-point calibration Protein, lactose and minerals are determined in addition with the aid of a second measuring cell that is equipped with a combined impedance/ turbidity sensory technology. The freezing point is computed on the basis of the measured values that are ascertained. The following milk constituents can be rapidly and reliably determined with this device:
Constituent Measuring range Reproducibility Fat: 0.00% bis 35.00% ± 0.02% Protein: 0.00% bis 10.00% ± 0.03% Lactose: 0.00% bis 10.00% ± 0.03% SNF: (fat-free dry milk) 0.00% bis 15.00% ± 0.04% Minerals/lead: 0.00% bis 5.00% ± 0.02% Freezing point: Computer v alue ± 0.002 °C
* The reproducibility amounts to 0 to 8%, with 0.02% fat. In the higher measuring
range of 8 to 35% fat, the reproducibility amounted to ± 0.2%. The measuring resolution amounts to 0.01%. Comparability with the reference method depends on the respective calibration.
Operation is simple and clear cut: 5-key operation, menu-assisted.
Two-point calibration: The device is calibrated with
two reference milks. Calibration is effected automatically.
Everyday maintenance work, such as cleaning, flushing and zero-point calibration are effected fully automatically. The timing of this maintenance work is selected by the operator, e.g. during night hours. Such a procedure lasts about 20 minutes.
Appliance characteristics:
1. Products
The LactoStar can store 20 different sets of calibration data. Various types of milk, e.g. full-cream milk, skim milk, cream, etc. can be analysed. You can change from one product to another without having to undertake a new calibration.
2. Interfaces
2.1. Parallel interface
The LactoStar has a parallel interface for connecting up a normal commercial printer. For example, a thermal recording printer can be connected up. The 6-V terminal for this is located at the rear of the device.
2.2. Serial interface
A PC can be connected to the serial interface. In this case, the measured results can be recorded and can be provided with additional information (date, time of day, delivery vehicle, special delivery numbers, etc.) Data
recorded in this way can afterwards be further processed in appropriate programs (e.g. for table calculation or company-owned software, etc.) Moreover, the calibration data can be stored or processed. It is also possible to transfer the calibration profile from one device to another one, or to read this from a device and then to store it.
The software that is necessary for this is included in the scope of delivery.
Technical data:
Connected loads: 230 V/180 VA 50– 60 Hz
12 V DC connection
Sample throughput: up to 40 samples per hr.
PC connection: serial interface, 9,600 Baud
The software is included in
the scope of delivery.
Printer: parallel interface
Dimensions: 44 x 44 x 20 cm (W x L x D)
Weight: ca. 15.5 kg