Funke Gerber Milk Analysis - LactoStar Mini

LactoStar Mini

Newly developed appliance for routine milk analysis.
Fat, SNF, (fat-free dry mass).
For further details, see P. 38
LactoStarmini (Art.-Nr. 3250)
Device for determining the two most important constituents of milk:
fat content/fat-free dry mass Constituent Measuring range Reproducibility
Fat: 0.00% bis 35.00% ± 0.02%*
SNF: (fat-free dry milk) 0.00% bis 15.00% ± 0.04%
* The reproducibility amounts to 0 to 8%, fat 0.02% in the higher measuring range, of
8 to 35% fat, the reproducibility amounts to ± 0.02%.
The measuring resolution amounts to 0.01%.
Product types:
Twenty different types of products (e.g. milk from cows, unpasteurized milk, skim milk, sheep’s milk, cream, etc.) can be calibrated and stored.
Operation is easy and clear because it is menu-assisted and employs 5 keys.
Two-point calibration: The unit is calibrated with reference to two reference milks. Calibration takes place automatically.
Technical data:
Connected loads: 230 V/180 VA 50– 60 Hz 12 V DC
Sample throughput: Up to 40 samples per hr.
PC connection: serial interface, 9,600 Baud, the software is included in the scope of delivery
Printer: parallel interface
Dimensions: 25 x 36 x 19 cm (W x L x D)
Weight: ca. 8.5 kg