Funke Gerber Milk Analysis - SuperVario N


Multi-purpose centrifuge for the dairy industry This centrifuge is known for its extremely quiet running. Largely free of vibration, the centrifuge employs swingout butyrometers which all in all favourably effect butyrometer operating time. This ensures correspondingly good results in terms of repeatability and comparability. For these reasons, the SuperVario-N is often used as a pilot centrifuge for calibration purposes. On account of its flexibility (progammable rotor speed, temperature and running time), the SuperVario-N can be used to perform the following tests:
Type of test Rotor speed/RCA
1. Gerber fat determination 1,100/ 350g
2. Babcock-fat determination 750/ 165g
3. Solubility determination (ADMI) 900/ 172 g
4. Fat determination acc. to Roese-Gottlieb* 600 / 77 g
* Operation possible only when complying with the respective
safety regulations
Stainless steel housing
Programmable rotor speed from 600 rpm to
1130 rpm in steps of 10 rpm
(corresponding to a g-value of 77 to 372 g)
Programmable heating up to 68°C in 1°C steps
Automatic centrifugation time from 1 to 99 minutes
Automatic safety interlocking of the cover
Automatic shut down if out-of-balance
Automatic brake