Hellma Fibre Optic Probe-Mini Immersion Probe

Mini Immersion Probe

This Hellma transmission probede has been developed for manual use in the laboratory. Thanks to the fact that it is fixed by means of a clamping ring (e. g. Swagelok®) the probe can be permanently installed for continuous process monitoring in a reactor, for example.

Probe parts are made of stainless steel or Hastelloy®, quartz and FFKM®, so that the use of adhesives in contact with the sample has been avoided. It is ideal for measurements in solvents which might attack adhesive materials.
Product info 661.112
Catalogue Number
Window and prism
Quartz SUPRASIL® 300
Barrel material
Stainless steel 1.4435 (316 L) or 2.4602 (Hastelloy® C-22)
Probe head seal
Outside Ø probe head
12.7 mm (1/2")*
Total length
230 mm
Max. immersion depth
190 mm
Light path
2 mm, 5 mm, 10 mm
Typ. transmission
UV/Visapprox. 35 % in air above 300 nm

NIR approx. 35 % in air above 400 nm
Max. pressure
6 bar
Max. temperature
150 °C
Fibre-optic cables
Built-in, not exchangeable

UV/Vis–2 m**
240 nm –1100 nm
(41.667 cm-1– 9.100 cm-1)

NIR–2 m**
400 nm– 2.300 nm
(25.000 cm-1– 4.348 cm-1)

UV/Vis–low solarisation on request