Hellma Fibre Optic Probe-Standard Immersion Probe

Standard Immersion Probe
Hellma standard immersion probes are ideally suited to laboratory measurements. As with conventional cell measurements, the collimated light beam passes through the solution only once. The use of a prism very low values for stray light.

The measuring head is made of SUPRASIL® 300 quartz and secured into the stainless steel top section with a FFKM-O-Ring.The removable metal sleeve protects the immersion probe from damage and reduces the amount of incoming ambient light.
Product info 661.000
Catalogue Number
Probe head material
Quartz SUPRASIL® 300
Probe barrel material
Stainless steel 1.4404 (316 L)
Protective sleeve material
Stainless steel 1.4404
(316 L) /1.4571 (316 Ti)
Probe head seal
Protective sleeve seal
Outside Ø probe head
15 mm
Outside Ø probe shaft
20 mm
Outside Ø probe barrel
18 mm
Outside Ø protective sleeve
20 mm
Total length
approx. 180 mm
(10 mm light path)
Max. immersion depth
100 mm (10 mm light path)
Light path
1 mm, 2 mm, 5 mm, 10 mm, 20 mm
Typ. transmission
UV/Vis approx. 40% in air above 300 nm

NIR approx. 40% in air above 400 nm
Max. pressure
6 bar
Max. temperature
150 °C
Fibre-optic cables
Not included, available separately for UV/Vis and NIR ranges
(see chapter 3.3.1 and 3.3.3).