Hellma Fibre Optic Probe-All-Quartz Immersion Probe

All-Quartz Immersion Probes

All-quartz immersion probesfrom Hellma have a probe head made of SUPRASIL® 300 quartz that is fused to a quartz tube, forming a leakproof seal. For this reason, these probes are particularly useful for transmission measurements in corrosive solutions, where the use of metal probes is not practical. Applicable in sub zero environment down to – 180 °C due to vacuum jack

The collimated light beam passes the solution to be measured only once, equivalent to a measurement in a cell. The use of a deflecting prism with two fully reflective surfaces leads to very low values for stray light
Product info 661.302
Catalogue Number
Probe head material
Quarzglas SUPRASIL® 300
Barrel material
Probe head seal
directly fused
Outside Ø probe head
15 mm
Outside Ø quartz barrel
18 mm
Total length
approx. 270 mm (10 mm light path)
Max. immersion depth
200 mm (bei 10 mm light path)
Light path
1 mm, 2 mm, 5 mm,
10 mm, 20 mm, 50 mm
Typ. transmission
UV/Vis ca. 40 % in air above 300 nm

NIR ca. 40 % in air above 400 nm
Max. pressure
6 bar
Max. temperature
150 °C
Fibre-optic cables
Built-in and only replaceable by manufacturer

UV/Vis–2 m*
240 nm –1100 nm
(41.667 cm-1–9.100 cm-1)

NIR–2 m*
400 nm– 2.300 nm
(25.000 cm-1– 4.348 cm-1)

UV/Vis–low solarisation–2 m*
190 nm–1100 nm
(52.632-1–9.100 cm-1)
Product info 661.500
Catalogue Number
Probe head material
Quartz SUPRASIL® 300