Micros Camera-Accessories-Optic Coldlight Source M-F01

M-F01 Optic Coldlight Source
for microscopy and general illumination

This model features filter holder, ergonomic handle, Bezel adapter with locking design to keep goosenecks steady, a digital intensity control from 0-100%, and a separate on/off switch to maintain intensity settings when the unit is shut down. The high output fan, lamp baffle, and unique bezel design provide maximum airflow while restricting stray light from heating outer surfaces.   In the event the rugged pin type lamp connector requires change-out, replacement maintenance is quick and user-friendly, as the device is held in place at a terminal block, not soldered in place.

Compact High-Intensity Cold Light Source
with 2-arm Gooseneck
(230/240V for 50/60Hz or 100/120V for 50/60Hz)

Halogen multi mirror lamp 21V/150W

25.4 mm light guide receptacle for various light guides

Slide door lamp holder for simple lamp changing

Color filter holder included

Dimensions: 205 x 180 x 118 mm

Mechanical dimmer: the unit is  equipped with an iris diaphragm control knob for varying lamp intensity without changing color temperature of emitted light.


Continuous Ring light for shadow free illumination. Inner Diameter 63 mm, working distance 63 - 100 mm.
Focusing Lens.