Rainin Pipette-Tip-Electronic Multichannel Pipette

Micro-Processor Controlled Performance

RAININ electronic multichannel pipettes offer top performance on the click of a button. Micro-processor controlled, self-calibrating and with a highly precise stepper motor, they eliminate user-based variance and virtually all pipetting forces.

With the innovative LTS LiteTouch-System, they are not only very hand-friendly, LTS also ensures an absolutely consistent sample pick-up on all channels.

The numerous program-modes, from pipetting to titration to multi-dispensing, make these pipettes versatile tools for just about every given application.

Additionally a variety of performance and ergonomic features are designed to make your pipetting-life easy.


EDP3 Multichannel
Automatic Reliable seal Quick Linear
EDP1 Multichannel
Automatic Organized Reliable seal Quick
EDP3 - Adjustable Spacer
Adjustable  Automatic Reliable seal Linear