Rainin Pipette -Tip-Manual Multichannel Pipette

Top Precision, Ergonomics, and Ease of Use.

RAININ’s manual singlechannel pipettes assure top performance thanks to top quality and ease of use. Easy to operate precisely, easy to clean. Above all, they include a variety of performance and ergonomic features that make your life easy. With the innovative LTS LiteTouch-System, they are hand-friendly like no other pipette by reducing pipetting forces by up to 80% (standard versions also available). No tired hands and no injuries, they ensure precision and comfort even on long pipetting days.


Force Reduction
E-Man Hybrid
Total Volume Control
Real-time Measurement
Cycle Counter Maintenance Control
Technique Aid
up to 70 %
PreciseLess force
Perfect fitSafe
Effortless pipetting thanks to LTS tips.
up to 70 %
RAININ Classic
Less effort
Built to last
Pipetting with traditional tips.