Revco Thermo Chiller Circulator Water Bath-Shaking Water Bath

Shaking Water Baths

If your samples need to be temperature controlled and shaken, we have the solution for you.  Accurate temperature control, variable fluid levels and easy cleaning make operation and maintenance simple.  For more information contact the sales office in your area.

2604/2605 Shaking Water Bath
Easy to clean shaking water bath

HAAKE SWB25 Shaking Water Bath
Reliable, accurate, all-stainless steel shaking water bath with generous opening

Precision Dubnoff Shaking Water Bath
PRECISION ? Microprocessor-controlled baths combine operational simplicity with excellent temperature uniformity to meet all performance criteria for sample container incubation and agitation in a controlled atmosphere.

Precision Shaking Reciprocal Water Baths
Microprocessor Controlled Reciprocal Shaking Water Baths

Precision Shallow Form Reciprocal Water Bath
Microprocessor Controlled Shallow Form Reciprocal Shaking Water Bath

Shaking Bath Accessories