APP 25.4Y.KB Mass Comparator

The newest line of Radwag Mass Comparators enables adjusting mass standards and weights according to the OIML recommendations (R-111) from 1 kg to 50kg for F2 class and lower.

The comparators are used both for ensuring traceability of mass measurements, and verification of weights in accordance with the principles of legal metrology. RADWAG Mass Comparators have gained recognition among Accredited Calibration Laboratories in many countries.

Mass comparator APP 4Y.KB series comprises two components. One of them holds the electronic module, and the other precise mechanical measuring system.
High measuring accuracy is guaranteed by semi-automatic adjustment system with external mass standard. The weighing pan is made of aluminium and features holders for centering the tested mass standard. The APP 4Y.KB series features an intuitive menu supporting a user while operating the instrument.