Workstation for Pipettes Calibration

In order to ensure measurement traceability, meet all the requirements resulting from supervision over measuring equipment and to facilitate the process of pipettes calibration RADWAG recommends effective and ergonomic solution for calibrating automatic pipettes conducted by a user - complete workstation for pipettes calibration.

1. Calibration of automatic pipettes from 1µl to 10ml:

with fixed volume
with adjustable volume.

2. Weighing of samples with maximum capacity up to 21g and accuracy d=1µg (in standard weighing chamber - pan ø 26mm).

Unit contents:

table for calibration
microbalance MYA 21.4Y.P
anti-vibration table
probe for temperature, humidity and pressure measurement
probe for water temperature measurement
sink for used water
LCD monitor
PC with pre-installed software PIPETTES RADWAG
power supply
keyboard and mouse
container for used water

* The pipettes and other small accessories are not included in the unit content.