In-line Refractometers PRM-2000α

Introducing An Ideal In-line Unit for Low Concentration Samples

Featuring a Brix range of 0 to 20%, with a high accuracy of ±0.050%, our newest in-line unit, the PRM-2000α is ideal for precision measurement of low concentration samples, as well as fruit juices and other beverages. Moreover, the PRM-2000α has an even higher accuracy of ±0.007% for samples with a low Brix range of 0.000 to 2.000%. The detection section is able to withstand temperatures between -35 to 165℃ (during SIP / CIP).
Model PRM-2000α
Cat.No. 3641
Measurement item Refractive index, Brix (Automatic temperature correction suitable for
sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup and sugar-free (2% or less)), concentration (%) (temperature compensation according to samples), Temperature
Measurement Range Refractive Index nD 1.32069 to 1.36500
Brix 0.000 to 20.000%
Resolution nD 0.00001
Brix 0.001%
Measurement Accuracy nD +-0.00001 (1.32069 to 1.33681)
nD +-0.00010 (from 1.33682 up)
Brix +-0.007% (0.000 to 2.000%)
Brix +-0.050% (from 2.001% up)
* When measuring standard solutions under stable temperature condition
Measurement temperature 0 to 100゚C
Temperature compensation range 5 to 90゚C
Wetted parts temperature resistance -35 to 165゚C
Light source LED (D-line approximation)
Materials in contact with the solution Prism : Sapphire
Prism stage : SUS316L
Prism pressure resistance 0.98MPa(10Kgf/cm2)
Display item Refracrive index, Brix(CH1 to 3), Concentration, Temperature (゚C)
High and low limit setting High and low control limits can be set with keys.
Output RS-232C, DC4 to 20mA
Output item Refracrive index or Brix(CH1 to 3)or Concentration, Temperature (゚C)
Display system Seven-segment LED
Alarm output Open-collector output for high- and low-limit settings (Alarm output)
Cable Between the detection section and calculation display section (15m) (maximum up to 200m)
Power Supply AC100V 50/60Hz
International Protection Class Detection section : IP67,
Display section : IP67
Dimensions & Weight Detection section : 10.8 x 41.35 x 10.8cm, 4.1kg
Calculation Display section : 19.2 × 10 × 24cm, 3.3kg
Power consumption 30VA
Pressure resistance 1.0MPa (Detection section)