In-line Propylene Glycol Monitor CM-800α-PG

The CM-800α-PG is specially designed for in-line concentration measurements of propylene glycol solutions used as coolants, brine, anti-freeze, and de-icing fluids. It also has a secondary scale for the freezing point.
Model CM-800α-PG
Cat.No. 3532
Scale P.G.
(Automatic Temperature Compensation according to the sample liquid)
Freezing point
Measurement Range P.G. : 0.0 to 90.0%
Freezing point : -50 to 0゚C / -58 to 32゚F
Temperature : 5 to 100゚C / 41 to 212゚F
Resolution P.G. : 0.1%
Freezing point : 1゚C / 1゚F
Temperature : 1゚C / 1゚F
Measurement Accuracy P.G. : ±0.4%
Freezing point : ±1゚C / ±1゚F
Temperature : ±1゚C / ±1゚F
Temperature compensation range 5 to 100゚C
(Automatic Temperature Compensation)
Wetted parts temperature resistance -30 to 150゚C
Ambient Temperature 5 to 40゚C
Indication P.G. : -2.0 to 105.5%
Freezing point :-50 to 0゚C / -58 to 32゚F
Temperature : 0 to 130゚C / 32 to 266゚F
Light source LED (D-line approximation)
Temperature sensor Thin film platinum sensor
Materials in contact with the solution Prism : Sapphire
Prism stage : SUS316L
Prism pressure resistance 0.98MPa(10kgf/cm2)
Output RS-232C, DC 4 to 20mA
Materials Prism : Sapphire
Prism stage : SUS316L
Power Supply DC24V
International Protection Class IP67
Dust-tight and Protected against splashing water.
Included Accessories Power input cable (1m) [*1]
Dimensions & Weight 16 x 17 x 11cm, 2.4kg
(Main Unit only)
Power consumption 3VA