Digital Hydrometer DH-10C

DH-10C is designed to measure specific gravity of electrolytic solution of a lead storage battery with easy operation. Taking measurements with DH-10C requires absorption of sample from the tip of nozzle and press "START" key. Right after the oparation, the temperature compensated specific gravity of dilute sulfuric acid is displayed on the screen. Display of temperature " Celsius" and specific gravity can be selected by pressing "SELECT" key.
Model DH-10C
Cat.No. 3446
Scale Specific gravity electrolyte
Measurement Range Specific gravity electrolyte : 1.000 to 1.3000
Resolution 0.001
Measurement Accuracy ±0.002 (10 to 30 °C)
±0.003 (0 to 10 or 30 to 40 °C)
±0.005 (-10 to 0 or 40 to 50 °C)
Sample camber temperature -10 to 50°C
Ambient Temperature 5 to 40°C
Power Supply DC9V (006P Battery)
Dimensions & Weight 7 × 4 × 21cm, 235g (Main Unit only)