Digital Butyro Refractometer PR-BUTYRO

New PR-BUTYRO perfect for Butter, Ghee & Edible Oil industry for checking purity / adulteration. PR-BUTYRO has dual scales of Butyro and Refractive Index (resolution 0.0001).
The temperature is automatically corrected, so that it is not necessary to worry about the temperature of samples. Equipped with a new technology "External-Light-Interference" (ELI)* that enables you to take accurate measurements with ease and confidence near at a window or outside.
* Patented
Cat.No. 3454
Scale Butyro
Measurement Range Butyro : 30.0 to 90.0
RI : 1.4450 to 1.4850
(Converted at 40°C)
Resolution Butyro : 0.1
RI : 0.0001
Measurement Accuracy Butyro : ±0.5 (at 40°C)
RI : ±0.0003 (at 40°C)
Temperature compensation range 10 to 50°C (Automatic Temperature Compensation)
Ambient Temperature 10 to 40°C
Power Supply 006P dry battery (9V)
International Protection Class IP64 Dust-tight and Protected against splashing water.
Dimensions & Weight 17×9×4cm, 300g
(Main Unit only)