Special Package (Recommended for sugar industry) AP-300 Type A Temperature Control

ATAGO has prepared 2 different AP-300 packages for the sugar industry. Users have a choice between 2 types: Temperature Controlled Type A and Temperature Compensation Type B. The AP-300 comes with Automatic Temperature Compensation for International Sugar Scale. A Circulating Constant Temperature Bath is not necessary when the temperature compensation function is used or when the AP-300 is used in a temperature-controlled room.
Model AP-300 Type A Temperature Control
Cat.No. 5296
Package Contents • AP-300
• Jacketed flow tube with funnel
(200mm - approximate volume 15ml)
• Inner Lid (For Tube 200mm) : RE-76017
* Circulating Constant Temperature Bath 60-C4 (Cat.No.1922) sold separately.