Polarimeter POLAX-2L

Polarimeter, which is known as an optical rotation meter, is an instrument to measure optical rotation of "optically active matter" such as saccharin, ascorbic acid and sodium glutamate.
Model POLAX-2L
Cat.No. 5223
Scale Angle of rotation
International sugar scale
Measurement Range Angle of rotation : -179.95° to +180.00°
International sugar scale : -130.0°Z to +130.0°Z
Resolution Angle of rotation : 0.05°
International sugar scale : 0.1°Z
Measurement Accuracy Angle of rotation : ±0.10°
International sugar scale : 0.3°Z
Temperature compensation range 5 to 40°C
Light source LED with interference filter
Measurement Wavelength 589nm (equivalent to the sodium-D line spectrum)
Power Supply AC100 to 240V 50/60Hz
Included Accessories Observation tubes : 100mm tube and 200mm tube / each
Dimensions & Weight 43×22×30cm, 11.5kg
(Main Unit only)