Germfree’s SEA-III BSC provides a practical approach to integrating Class III BSC protection into your existing lab. This Class III Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) is the most cost-effective unit available, opening new options for the traditional microbiology laboratory. Designed with the operator in mind, ergonomic considerations promote natural arm position, extend reach and reduce fatigue. The SEA-III makes efficient use of space and is easily cleaned and decontaminated. When lab space is at a premium, SEA-III is a sensible, cost effective solution for providing protection.
Class III Biological Safety Cabinets are increasingly specified as laboratories confront a range of new and increasingly hazardous challenges. These may include new applications, new agents and enhanced safety protocols. The SEA-III BSC solves the primary obstacles faced when adding Class III containment BSCs to the existing lab: space constraints and cost. Our engineers designed this highly ergonomic Class III BSC to work within the constraints of your lab without compromising on features, functionality and user comfort.

Applications include:
Screening of unknown and highly pathogenic samples
Separation of PCR reagents
General microbiology studies

Class III Readiness:
Unknown / Higher Risk Materials

The modern microbiology lab may be tasked with handling a wider range of hazardous biological materials. The SEA-III BSC provides Class III readiness for the diagnostic screening of potentially highly pathogenic samples. Germfree’s SEA-III BSC offers a simple solution for complex lab environments.

Surge Capacity / Preparedness Planning

ADDED CONTAINMENT CAPACITY: Sudden increases in testing volumes can challenge the routine operational laboratory infrastructure. Surge capacity is an important aspect of overall laboratory preparedness planning. Augmenting lab containment capacity provides increased safety and flexibility when dealing with receipt of samples increases.
Germfree’s SEA-III BSC is the sensible solution when a Class III BSC is required to augment the containment capacity of a laboratory that has very tight space constraints.
INTERMITTENT USE: The SEA-III BSC is also ideal for laboratories that have intermittent and limited demands for a Class III Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC). These may include a range of smaller-scale facilities that occasionally work with biological agents that require Class III-level BSC containment.
EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: Many emergency response networks seek to extend their reach by working with a broader range of labs in more localities. Networks may coordinate with laboratories that do not routinely work with higher-risk biological agents. Germfree’s Class III Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs) provide reliable containment for potentially highly pathogenic materials.
The SEA-III BSC presents a cost-effective option for the lab that is newly adding Class III containment to boost emergency preparedness or participation in an emergency response network.

Standard Features:
Germfree’s SEA-III Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) is a standard sized cabinet that has been carefully designed with ergonomics and economics in mind. This affordable BSC is of standard design and to keep costs under control, it has limited options. It features intake HEPA filtered air and double HEPA filtered exhaust air. It is designed for ergonomic comfort and to connect to house exhaust systems.
All SEA Gloveboxes have all stainless steel construction and Ergonomic gloveport design.

Advanced Ergonomics:
Germfree designed the SEA-III BSC with the operator comfort and safety in mind. Advanced ergonomic considerations promote natural arm, neck and shoulder positions and extend reach to reduce fatigue.

Approximate interior dimensions (L x D x H):

2 Glove model 42” x 22” x 30” front, 20” rear (1065mm x 560mm x 760mm front, 505mm rear)
3 Glove model 56” x 22” x 30” front, 20” rear (1420mm x 560mm x 760mm front, 505mm rear)

Approximate overall dimensions with airlock:

2 Glove model 62” x 25” x 38” (1580mm x 635mm x 970mm)
3 Glove model 76” x 25” x 38”(1935mm x 635mm x 970mm)

Options include:
Active HEPA purge airlock
Exhaust blower
VHP readiness package
UPS back-up system
GRX glove/sleeve system