Aerobiology Laboratories

Germfree has designed and built specialized Class III BSC systems for leading research institutions, including USAMRIID, the Department of Homeland Security, the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, Statens Serum Institut, Tulane University, and several Regional Biosafety Laboratories (RBLs) operating under the auspices of the National Institutes of Health.

Germfree is the industry leader for Class III BSC systems built around aerosol generators used in aerobiological studies. Transfer carts that are equipped with Rapid Transfer Ports and Class III Biological Safety Cabinets insure safety for personnel and research animals while greatly improving the research productivity as well as providing for animal welfare. Germfree has working relations with all major aerosol generator manufacturers. Standard cabinet platforms can be modified to exacting specifications. Throughout the entire process, from concept to completion, Germfree facilitates every aspect of your project.
Medical Research Institute

Medical Research Institute

Integrated Aerosol Exposure Systems
Germfree has teamed with two leading designers of specialized aerosol exposure equipment to provide fully integrated aerosol exposure systems.

These systems precisely control the challenge concentration and expose a number of subject animals simultaneously to provide uniform exposures for consistent results.

All work is carried out in the safety of a Class III glovebox.

Exposure equipment integrated into the Glovebox reduces set-up time.
Systems designed for multiple species.
Gas or vapor phase generators can be integrated for simplified decontamination