Eutech ION 2700

Product Features
Intuitive, self-diagnostic and flexible with advanced set-up options for user-customization, the Eutech ION 2700 series comes with a large, one-glance-sees-all screen. View pH, ION or Redox reading together with temperature, electrode status, calibration points, date and time all at once!

:: Up to 6-point push button calibration with auto-buffer recognition

:: Quick, easy electrode diagnosis with pH slope and offset display

:: Non-volatile memory holds up to 500 data points – time and date-stamped for GLP compliance

:: Bi-directional RS232 for easy data transfer to computer

:: Cal-due alarm – no more out-dated calibrations!

:: Auto-logging function for convenient continuous monitoring

:: Limit alarm alerts when reading falls out of range

:: Password protection for setup and calibration

Educational: Useful for most laboratory, ecological studies and other applications.

Laboratory: Environmental studies, chemical labs, titrations and quality assurance testing, where GLP
data-management is required. Use in all types of food processing.