CyberScan pH 1500

Product Features
:: High Resolution and Accuracy (Up to ±0.002 pH Accuracy) for precise measurement

:: Multi-Point Push-Button Calibration with Auto-Buffer Recognition (Up to 6 points) for optimum accuracy

:: Advanced Setup Menu allows programmable functions like pH resolution, stability, etc. and viewing of electrode diagnosis - pH slope/offset, previous calibration points.

:: Auto-Calibration ensures effortless operation with no calibration mistake

:: Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) for best accuracy under fluctuating temperatures

:: FET (Solid-State Non-Glass) pH electrodes can be used directly without adapter as well as specialty and standard glass pH electrodes

:: Expanded Memory stores and recalls up to 100 data sets

:: RS232 Communication interface to download data to a printer or PC with complimentary Windows®-based DAS software for report documentation

:: Extra Large Easy-to-Read LCD provides optimum viewing even at a distance

:: Self-Diagnostic with message codes for easy troubleshooting

:: Detachable Electrode Stand organizes multiple electrodes neatly and holds them firmly in place

Laboratory/Industrial: Use for water quality testing, sewage treatment, food processing (for HACCP compliance), geological testing. Great for R&D and QC applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries, paper/pulp processing, chemical industries and related fields. Suitable for most ASTM and EPA test procedures.

Educational: Perfect for research labs, suitable for all types of chemistry labs and ecology studies.