Eutech CON 150

Product Features
Conductivity / Total Dissolved Solids / Temperature
Best value for an IP67-rated waterproof conductivity meter

:: Large, three line LCD – View conductivity or TDS measurement with temperature as well as cell efficiency

:: Built-in memory function – Stores up to 150 measurements along with temperature

:: Adjustable temperature coeffi cient – Set to 0.0 % to meet USP methods for non-compensated measurements

:: Power with AA batteries or use optional AC adapter

:: Calibrate using automatically recognized standards or manually; to a single point across all ranges or to multiple points (one calibration point per each conductivity range)

:: Calibration due alarm – Set a visible reminder when it is time to recalibrate the meter

:: Accepts probes with a 0.1, 1.0, or 10 cell constant

:: Adjustable conductivity-to-TDS conversion factor – From 0.4 to 1.0

:: Selectable manual or automatic temperature compensation (ATC) – For the highest accuracy in any situation

:: Selectable ºF/ºC – Choose units to best fit your application

:: Ready indicator, manual or automatic measurement hold feature and optional automatic shutoff function

:: Includes our easy to clean conductivity cell

:: Built-in stand – For easy benchtop or long-term use

:: Wall-mount option – Ideal to save bench space

:: Innovative Grip-Clip™ – Quickly and easily secures the probe to your beaker or container