ORPTestr 10

Product Features
:: Large Display Screen - dual display LCD for enhanced readability, provides comprehensive meter information

:: Extended Measurement Range up to -999 to +1000 mV

:: Waterproof, Dustproof Housing - IP67 rated, maintains the integrity of your tester even in harsh field conditions.

:: User-Replaceable Sensor - reuse the same meter body many times

:: Double Junction Electrode - for significantly longer electrode life, especially for harsh chemicals

:: Push-Button Offset Adjustment for easy standardization to known work standard

:: Auto-Power Off saves battery power after non-use

:: Hold Function freezes reading momentarily for easy viewing

:: Self-Diagnostic with message codes for easy troubleshooting

:: Wide Platinum Band Sensor - for quick checking and optimum performance

Industrial: Chromate reduction, Cyanide oxidation, Pulp bleaching

Water treatment: Monitor ozone systems, Check free chlorine activity (in pools, spas, and cooling waters), Water purification and drinking water, Aquarium monitoring, Water pollution monitoring