ECTestr 11

Product Features
:: Dual range with selectable or auto-ranging options - measure in more media with one tester!

:: User-Replaceable Sensor - Replace the sensors yourself. Sensors lasts longer with element made of SS316 stainless steel and sensor casing made of VALOX®

:: Large Display Screen - Simultaneous temperatire readouts, displays mode, ATC, battery level

:: Single and multi-point calibrations with automatic or manual options

:: Waterproof, Anti-roll Design - IP67 waterproof housing keeps tester good even under wet conditions. Unique anti-roll ribbed design ensures firm grip.

General: For use in water and wastewater treatment, boiler blow-down, electroplating rinse tanks, drinking water, hydroponics, printing industry, aquaculture, aquariums, fish farms, swimming pools and spas.