Thermo Scientific Alpha COND 2000 Wall Mount/Panel Mount Conductivity Controller/Transmitter

Product Features
Measure from ultra-pure water to highly conductive samples with the Alpha COND 2000 controller/transmitter: this conductivity controller accepts 4-cell and 2-cell electrodes, and features programmable temperature coefficients to give you precise temperature compensation.

:: Measures seven ranges, from 0 to 2 µS/cm to 0 to 1000 mS/cm

:: Readings of up to three-decimal resolution at ±1 % accuracy

:: Adjustable temperature coefficients for more precise temperature compensation: Choose between programmable linear temperature compensation from 0.0 % to 10.0 %, and pure water temperature compensation to correct
non-linearity of ultrapure water temperature correction curves

:: Meter displays electrode status after each calibration

:: User-adjustable cell constant values (k = 0.005 to k = 9.999)

:: 4-cell electrode prevents polarizing effects and
electrode fouling in samples with high conductivity

:: Accepts 2- or 3-wire, Pt100 or Pt1000 RTD sensors for automatic temperature compensation

:: Allows user to input cell constant corresponding to connecting electrode independently during calibration


General: Use for virtually any batch or online applications where rapid, accurate control. Great for OEM/system integrator.

Industrial: Use in applications involving agriculture, chemical processing, boiler and water heaters, wafer-fab, microprocessor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper industries, and bleach manufacturing.

Water Purification/Treatment: Use to treat batches of incoming process water, ultrapure water, boiler and feed water control.

Regulatory: Hook to recorder to document data for regulatory compliance.