Thermo Scientific Alpha DO 1000 Dissolved Oxygen Controller/Transmitter

Product Features
The Alpha DO 1000 controller/transmitter accepts low-range and general range probe for extensive measurement range of Dissolved Oxygen in ppm, mg/L or % saturation. Versatile controller/transmitter offers three Dissolved Oxygen control mode: limit control, proportional pulse length control and proportional pulse frequency control.

:: Accepts low range probes (0 to 10 ppm) and general range probes (0.5 to 40 ppm)

:: Allows one point or two point DO calibration. Meter displays electrode information after each successful calibration. Previous calibration data is retained in the event unsuccessful calibration

:: Automatic salinity and pressure compensation after manual input for more accuracte readings

:: Option of Auto or Manual Temperature Compensation. Three-wire system compensates for cable-length resistance errors

:: Galvanically-isolated, scaleable 0/4 to 20 mA output for high-quality output on peripheral devices

General: Useful for monitoring temperature and control of DO in wastewater treatment and aquaculture applications. Use with valves, blowers or aerators to ensure proper system operation.