Thermo Scientific Alpha pH 800 pH/ORP Controllers/Transmitters

Product Features
The Alpha pH 800 controllers/transmitters combines consistent performance and sophisticated control functions with user-friendly features. Meters come with seven preset buffer values for quick, accurate auto-calibration; electrode offset function allows direct reading corrections without needing to remove electrode from the control system. Alarm delay and individual set-point hystereses in limit control mode prevent chattering, false alarms, and uncecessary down time.
:: 2-in-1 controllers/transmitters can be configured to measure either pH or OPR (mV or %)

:: Auto-calibration with choice of NIST or USA buffer selection. Electrode slope and offset
is displayed after each successful calibration

:: Symmetrical mode option for clear, uninterrupted pH readings in electronically noisy environment

:: Antimony mode option for use with antimony electrodes in applications that involves corrosive Hydrofluoric Acid

:: Option of Auto or Manual Temperature Compensation. Three-wire system compensates for cable-length resistance errors

:: Galvanically-isolated, scaleable 0/4 to 20 mA output for high-quality output on peripheral devices


General: Useful for any batch or on-line type application that requires accurate pH or ORP control.

Water Purification/Treatment: Use for batch and on-line control of incoming process water, rinse water treatment, recirculating system and waste water treatment.

Industrial: Ideal for chemical processing, food processing. aquarium, pharmaceutical, hydroponics and waste control industries.