Thermo Scientific Alpha COND 190 Conductivity Controller/Transmitter

Product Features
Measure from pure water to electroplating rinse tank water with Thermo Scientific’s Alpha COND 190. Reliable with straightforward process control, these control/transmitters measures with up to ±1 % full scale accuracy across eight conductivity ranges.

For faster and more convenient control, choose the Alpha COND 190 which allow direct access to the set-point adjustment and calibration menus.

:: Measures up to eight ranges at ±1 % full range accuracy

:: Easy push-button calibration. Controller freezes data transmission and relay activities during calibration and maintenance

:: Selectable temperature coefficient for higher
Conductivity accuracy

:: Two SPDT relays allows high/low set-points limit control. Each relay comes with their independent hysteresis to prevent relay-chattering

:: Choice of automatic or manual temperature compensation. Three-wire system compensates error due to cable resistance

:: Full-scale 4 to 20 mA galvanically isolated current
output for process control

:: 85 to 250 VAC. 50/60 Hz or DC variable input allows controller to be used with a wide range of supply voltages

COND 190: Use for plating tank, rinse water, boiler and cooling tower, feed water and blowdown control, font solution make-up and control for printing, photographic developing, chemical production process, ion exchange systems, R.O. systems, industrial process water, wastewater, dilute acids, salts and bases.