Thermo Scientific Temp 16

Product Features
The Thermo Scientific Temp 16 RTD Thermometer gives you fast, reliable and highly precise measurements across a wide temperature range. Rugged and easy to use, the Temp 16 features a large backlit dual-line LCD, giving you clear, accurate readings of measured and min/max temperature, even in dark environments.
:: Automatic calibration – just leave electrode in ice water and press ‘CAL’ to calibrate
:: Dual-display shows current and min/max readings at the press of a button
:: Large, easy-to-read illuminated display

:: High precision measurements from -200.0 to 850.0 °C
(-392.0 to 1562 °F)
:: Accepts a wide variety of RTD probes
:: Exclusive three-way hands-free option* – hang the meter from a pipe or belt, stick the meter to a metallic surface, or simply stand the meter on a table surface

Sturdy Design
:: IP54 splashproof with sealed keypad and ABS plastic housing
:: Protective rubber armor ensures a firm grip and doubles up as a table-top stand

:: Chemicals
:: Manufacturing
:: Food and Beverage
:: Industrial and Automotive