Thermo Scientific Temp 300

Product Features
Differential temperature measurement is a breeze with the Thermo Scientific Temp 300 Thermometer. With a user-friendly interface, this dual-input thermocouple handheld allows users to navigate through setup and operation easily, even without a manual.

Temp 300 features datalogging at the touch of key, or automatically at intervals from 1 second to 60 minutes and holds up to 2000 data points. The meter also comes with a USB output for advanced data handling with your computer.

Ergonomically designed, the Temp 300 fits your palm perfectly and comes with a large backlit LCD for working in dark environments.

:: Easy calibration – choose one-point or two-point, calibrate channels separately or match one probe to the other
:: Minimum, maximum and differential temperature view at the press of a button
:: Large, easy-to-read illuminated display

:: Exclusive three-way hands-free option* – hang the meter from a pipe or belt, stick the meter to a metallic surface, or simply stand the meter on a table surface

Sturdy Design
:: IP54 splashproof with sealed keypad and ABS plastic housing
:: Protective rubber armor ensures a firm grip and doubles up as a table-top stand

:: Industrial and Automotive
:: Manufacturing
:: Chemicals
:: Food & Beverage