TSX Series -80°C Freezers

Thermo Scientific™ TSX Series feature V-drive technology, providing temperature uniformity that adapts to your environment, protecting samples and offering significant energy savings. While conventional ultra-low freezers use single speed compressors that continually cycle on and off, the V-drive runs at variable speeds, adjusting cooling performance to the conditions inside and outside the freezer. When conditions are stable, the V-drive runs at a low speed, reducing energy consumption while maintaining a stable temperature for sample protection. When there are frequent door openings, or samples are added to the freezer, the system detects the activity and increases the drive speed.

Product Description
Two capacities: TSX600 stores up to 600 2-inch boxes while the TSX400 stores up to 400 2-inch boxes
Choice of standard or high-performance modes offering significant energy savings over conventional refrigerant ultra-low freezers*
Outstanding door-opening recovery time
Warm-up time (from -80°C to -50°C) in 303 minutes (TSX600); 250 minutes (TSX400)**
Natural refrigerants for lower environmental impact and higher cooling efficiency
Water-blown foam insulation, eliminating chemical emissions and reducing the out-gassing common in other foam products
Whisper-quiet operation allowing the freezer to be used directly inside the lab
Intuitive touch-screen user interface featuring alarm status, doo-opening status, temperature status, environmental conditions and back-up system status
Energy calculation: Typical freezer data based on internal testing with freezer set-point at -80°C and ambient temperature at 20°C
Warm up time: Typical freezer data based on internal testing with freezer set point at -80°C and ambient temperature at 20°C