Temperature/Power Monitors

Monitoring freezer performance simply, effectively and economically with Thermo Scientific™ Temperature/Power Monitors, which provide both alarm/monitoring and digital temperature display in a single, self-contained unit.

Product Description

Temperature range: -100° to +25°C
Probe size: 1.25L × 0.25″ dia. (3.2 × 0.6cm)
Solid-state probes
High-temperature alarm with adjustable setpoint
Alarm mute and chirp
Audio delay timer
Remote alarm contacts (SPDT)
Battery backup
Low-voltage AC power supplys

Single-probe Digital Monitors:
1 input channel
1°C display and setpoint resolution
High-temperature alarm
Numeric-only LCD alphanumeric display
Red visual alarm
8′ PTFE solid-state probe lead wire (24 gauge on 6899 model)
Velcro® mounting method
Case dimensions: 5L × 4.5W × 2″D (27 × 114 × 50mm)

Multiprobe Microprocessor-based Monitors:
2 input channels (6900 model), 3 input channels (6901 model) or 4 input channels (6902 model)
0.1°C display and setpoint resolution
High- and low-temperature alarm
8-character, back-lit, adjustable LCD alphanumeric display
Visual alarm (Green = normal; Red = deviation)
20′ PTFE color-coded, solid-state probe lead wire (24 gauge on 6899 model)
Standard alarm/battery test switch
Bracket mounting method
Case dimensions: 6.2L × 3.25W × 2″D (158 × 83 × 50mm)