Smart ROP

Smart ROP
Smart ROP series produce high quality pure water with superior resistivity and low TOC (<30ppb)

Microprocessor Control

Fully automatic and self-diagnostic system monitors and controls working condition.
PIN-coded access to software set points prevents unauthorized changes to operation or system settings.

Comprehensive Sanitization
Unlike many other systems, Heal Force entire fluid pathway is included in the automated disinfection process ensuring complete sanitization.

Module-designed Cartridges
High quality and economical due to disposable integrated purification column design.
Easy replacement and quick connection.

High precision resistivity meter
Flow-through structure make sure the real-time measurement of the actual ionic concentration in water
Low cell constant (0.01cm-1) to ensure optimum measurement accuracy of low ionic contamination
Automatic temperature compensation (0.1℃ resolution) makes the value displayed on the screen meaningful

Easy-to-read LCD display
User-friendly LCD provides optimal convenience, with indication on resistivity, resistivity, reservoirs water consumable changing reminder water quality.
Optional strengthened pre-treatment module

20' size long cartridge contrains detergent. Therefore, besides the feature of higher water throughput, feed water with extremely low quality can be properly dealt with

Contamination-Free Water Tank
Water level sensor combined with bottom pump enables 5-level automatic water production controls

Capacity of water reservoir includes 30L and 60L. Moreover, ultra big 350L water reservoir is available for special needs

The water reservoir is made through cylindrical mold and blow molding process to avoid the generation of velum
PE material ensure low extractives
Overflow protection tube eliminates the risk of flooding
Cone shape bottom guarantees no stagnant water and facilitates easy clean

Optional UV lamp and vented filter maintain consistent purity of stored water and provide effective protection against airborne contaminants

Network Compatible
RS232 port allows for data collection and permanent record of water quality and system parameters, with date and time, to a PC or printer - essential for compliance with good laboratory practice guidelines