Pureforce ROE (30,70,100L/h)

Pureforce ROE (30,70,100L/h)
Heal Force has developed Pureforce ROE model, specially for high demanding water solution in laboratories. Incorporating with electrodeionization module, Pureforce ROE can continuously supply type II purified water


Just a simple key press to sterilize reverse osmosis, recirculation pumpline and water tank, ensuring water quality

Touch screen control
8.0 inches colored display for multi-parameters
Intelligent control with man-machine interaction
Filter life indicator with alarm function in time

Internal 60L water tank
Water tank is integrated into the main structure to save your valuable laboratory space
The water reservoir is made through cylindrical mold and blow molding process to avoid the generation of velum
PE material ensure low extractives
Optional UV lamp and vented filter mantain consitent purity of stored water

EDI module
Resins are continuously regenerated by the electrical current and are never exhausted
Low operating cost, low engergy consuption and low maintenance

Duplex operation (i.e. two linked Pureforce ROB units) to provide an even greater operational contingency that avoids a single point of failure

Additional features
Strengthened purification cartridges- loaded with PP cotton, active carbon, softten resin meet large volume reuirement, optimizing the following purification efficiency
Unique reverse osmosis- flow restriction design with automated forward and backward rinse increases lifespan of the module by 50%
Patented resistivity meter- compact type meters with low cell constant (0.01cm-1) and automatic temperature compensation make the value meaningful
Simple modular design- standard modular consumables and accessories facilitate daily operation and maintenance.