Metal yapılı Horizontal Akışlı Laminar Kabin

TopAir provides high quality, secure laminar clean benches. TopAir’s clean benches suck air from the room or hall space, transfer the air through a HEPA filter using a fan, and then clean the bench area with filtered air.

In Horizontal Benches, the filtered air flows through a filter installed at the back of the bench, towards the staff.

All components are manufactured by leading global companies, such as EBM Germany and AAF USA.

The products comply with relevant international standards and are customized to the specifications of each client.

Clean benches are designed to supply a clean controlled work environment meeting Class 100/ISO5 cleanliness standard, resembling a clean room, with the additional advantages of portability and small dimensions.

Clean benches provide a high quality alternative to a clean room at a much lower cost and without massive construction.


  • Horizontal air stream producing clean air in compliance with ISO5/ CLASS100 or ISO4/Class10 standards (depending on the filter installed).
  • Massive epoxy coated, oven-tempered metal structure assures stability, preventing movement during sensitive operations.
  • User-friendly digital control system manages fan speed and lighting system; when the lighting system is in operation, an indicator displays the airflow and warns against filter blockage
  • Work surface made of 304 stainless steel that does not emit particles
  • Side windows made from tempered glass, allowing an optimal view of work inside the station
  • High quality, quiet fan by EBM Germany; the fan enclosure is padded with noise-absorbing material
  • Noise level < 58 DBA
  • Universal electrical outlet
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Innovative, advanced design
  • Variety of sizes and materials
  • Eco-friendly, cost-effective LED lighting