Gfl Incubator - Shaking Incubator 3031

Specifications and features  

  • Microprocessor-controlled temperature regulation, PID type.  
  • Excellent temperature constancy: ± 0.2 °C temporal.
  • Optimum temperature distribution throughout the cabinet interior by fan circulation.
  • Electronic monitoring of the temperature regulator triggers visual alarm in case of fault. The heating is switched off, the cause of the fault is reported in the LED display. 
  • Adjustable limits for over- and under-temperatures alarms (optical and audible). 
  • Microprocessor-controlled timer displays continuously the current remaining running time of the incubation time and signals acoustically its expiry. 
  • Fast and exact temperature setting, exact reproducibility of set values, such as temperature, shaking frequency and incubation time. 
  • Soft touch keys with characteristic symbols. 
  • Digital temperature readout and setting via LED display, in steps of 0.1 °C. 
  • RS 232 serial interface for trouble-free data transfer. 
  • Built-in cooling coil for applications below ambient temperature as a standard scope of supply. 
  • Silent and robust shaking mechanism with gentle start-up. 
  • Shaking platform made of anodised aluminium, equipped with four plastic pins for secure attachment of shaking tray 3966 or universal mount 3967 (accessories). 
  • Housing made of heavy-duty acrylic glass cover (ABS) and powder-coated, electrolitically galvanised sheet steel. 
  • Lift-up acrylic glass cover. 

Shaking Incubator 3031 is used for applications that require exactly reproducible circular motion and temperatures up to 70 °C. It is preferred by standard and research laboratories for incubations, fermentations, homogenisations, chemical and biochemical reactions, enzyme and tissue studies, as well as for cultivating bacteria cultures.

Technical details
Temperature range
approx. 8 °C above ambient temperature to +70°C
Temperature range
(operation with cooling coil)
+20 °C to +70 °C *
Temperature constancy (temporal)
± 0.2 °C
Shaking motion
orbital, can be switched on and off
Shaking frequency
10 - 250 rpm
Shaking amplitude
30 mm
Maximum load
12 kgs
1 minute to 999 hours
approx. 46 l / 1 shaking tray
Inner dimensions
(W x D x H)
450 x 450 x 280 mm
Exterior dimensions
(W x D x H)
525 x 665 x 570 mm
Electrical connection
230 V / 50...60 Hz / 0.8 kW **
Net / gross weight
38.5 kg / 50.0 kg
Packing volume
approx. 0.51 m3
* depending of cooling medium and ambient temperature


Mikroprosesör kontrollü, hassas çalkalama islemleri için uygun 70C ‘ye isitma yapilabilen 3 ayri modeli mevcuttur.
GFL Model 3031         orbital çalkalamali,46 lt kapasiteli ,tek çalkalama tablali,max. yükleme
                                   kapasitesi : 12 kg olan modeldir.
GFL Model 3032         orbital çalkalamali, 45 lt kapasiteli , max . 2 çalkalama tablasi
                                   yerlestirilebilen ,etüv tipinde , cam gözlem kapakli, max yükleme
kapasitesi: 12 kg olan modeldir.
GFL Model 3033         orbital çalkalamali, 150 lt kapasiteli , max . 2 çalkalama tablasi
                                   yerlestirilebilen ,etüv tipinde , çift kapili ve gözlem kapakli, max

                                   yükleme kapasitesi: 20 kg olan modeldir.