Hellma Fibre Optic Probe-Fluorescence Immersion Probe

Fluorescence Immersion Probe

The Hellma fluorescence immersion probe makes it possible to measure fluorescence outside of a fluorimeter, directly in the medium being investigated. To achieve the best possible separation between the excitation and fluorescence beams, the fluorescent light is captured at a right angle to the incoming beam. A stainless steel casing protects the quartz glass probe head from damage and reduces the amount of incoming ambient light.

A built-in cylindrical concave mirror reflects transmitted light back into the centre of the sample chamber. A flat mirror in the sample chamber increases the yield of fluorescent light.
Product info 661.052
Catalogue Number
Probe head material
Quartz SUPRASIL® 300
Probe handle material
Stainless steel 1.4404
(316 L)
Protective sleeve material
Stainless steel 1.4404
(316 L) or 1.4571 (316 Ti)
Probe head seal
Protective sleeve seal
Outside Ø probe head
20 mm
Outside Ø probe handle
20 mm
Outside Ø barrel
18 mm
Outside Ø protective sleeve
20 mm
Total length
175 mm
Height of sample chamber
7 mm
Max. immersion depth
100 mm
Max. pressure
6 bar
Max. temperature
100 °C
Fibre-optic cables

UV/Vis–2 m*
<240 nm–1100 nm
(41.667 cm-1– 9.100 cm-1)

UV/Vis–low solarisation
on request