Brookfield Viscometer - KU-2

Why the KU-2? This instrument is used widely for making viscosity measurements on paints/coatings in accordance with ASTM D562.

Features And Benefits

  • Continuous sensing and display in Krebs units, grams, and centipoise
  • Allows rapid sample measurement to determine required consistency
  • LED Digital Display of:
    • Krebs Units (increased resolution in 0.1 KU increments)
    • Grams (in 1 gm increments)
    • Centipoise (cP)
  • Expanded measurement range (40 to 141 KU; 32 to 1099 g; 27 to 5274 cP).
  • Accuracy to ±1% of full scale range.
  • Reproducibility to ±0.5% of full scale range.
  • Output to parallel printer for automatic test documentation.
  • Easy to use; no weights; simplifies an established test procedure.
  • Compatible with industry specification (ASTM D562).
  • Base accommodates standard pint, ½ pint, and quart cans.
  • Optional air purge allows interior of KU-2 to be pressurized with air or inert gas.
  • The optional paste spindle is suitable for use with high consistency materials such as roller mil pastes.
  • NIST traceable viscosity standards available
  • Paints & Coatings
  • Adhesives
  • Inks
  • Pastes
How Does It Work?
Samples are tested in standard paint industry cans held by a fixture located on the viscometer base. The can is filled to within 3/4" (20mm) of the top. The KU-2 operating lever has two positions:
  • Up: Spindle stationary, drive motor off
  • Down: Spindle rotating; sample being measured
The displayed reading can be held by depressing the HOLD switch at any time. With the viscometer in the HOLD configuration, the display may be switched to compare the Krebs unit (KU) reading with the associated gram (gm) reading, and centipoise. Brookfield Oil Viscosity Standards in Krebs units are NIST traceable and are recommended for verifying calibration of the KU-2 Viscometer.

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