Christ Pilot Freeze Dryer - Epsilon 2-12D (6 - 12 kg)

Freeze Dryer EPSILON 2- 12D

Pilot- and small production unit with ice capacity of 12 kg, water-cooled refrigeration system, Ice condenser temperature –75°C, with closed temperaure control system via synthetic heat-transfer media, stainless steel chamber

Possible configurations:
Pre-freezing and drying with the drying chamber on temperature-controlled shelves:
up to 7 shelves 350 x 450 mm (W x D)
Temperature range –60°C (freezing) to +50°C
Upgradeable with comprehensive measurement- and control systems, e.g. Lyo-resistance-control, determination of the freezing point, weighting system, sample retrieving system
H2O2-decontamination possible