Esco Vaporizer for Decontamination of Biosafety Cabinet - Formalin

The Esco Formalin Vaporizer (FVP-00X) is a microprocessor-controlled unit that simplifies and automates the decontamination process for all sizes and makes of biohazard safety cabinets. This also increases safety for the decontamination operator and laboratory personnel since no manual intervention is required during the entire process. The unit enables decontamination to be accomplished by the standard protocol as recommended in EN12469 (European standard for microbiological safety cabinets) with formalin and ammonia solutions. ANSI/NSF49 (American standard for Class II cabinets) recommends decontamination using paraformaldehyde and ammonium bicarbonate which is a similar protocol but with agents in the solid (instead of liquid phase), and as such this vapouriser can also be said to be in compliance with the ANSI/NSF49 recommended decontamination protocol. 

  • Durable, heavy-duty full stainless steel construction
  • Electrical and electronic components are isolated from the heating chamber to prevent exposure to chemical fumes and heat which can reduce component life
  • Side mounted handles for easy carrying
  • Generously-sized formalin and ammonia chambers (800mL maximum capacity in total) which allows even the largest of safety cabinets (up to 6 foot console units) to be decontaminated with the maximum agent volume recommended in EN12469
  • Thermostats for the formalin and ammonia chambers to prevent overheating
  • Backup thermostat to ensure the temperature of the external casing does not rise above a safe level
  • Increased diameter liquid chamber inlets to allow the formalin and ammonia solutions to be poured into the chambers more easily without spillage
  • Internal heat insulation to prevent cross heating of chambers and damage to the electrical and electronics components
  • Manual shut-off isolating switch and safety fuse
  • Universal IEC power inlet design (appropriate cordset must be specified on order depending on country of use)


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