Esco Ultra Low Temperature - Lexicon Upright Freezer

Esco Lexicon® Ultra Low Temperature Up-Right Freezer are design to provide a reliable cooling system to store important samples in an ultra low temperature environment, it's made from the world's most reliable components and materials. It uses a high quality Bristol compressors in a unique cascade system with very low pressure and completely sealed cooling system. Combining an advance cooling system as well as unique door sealing system, Esco Lexicon® Ultra Low Temperature Up-Right Freezer provide outstanding performance in terms of safety, reliability, accuracy and user-friendly operation.  

  • Durable compressors and hermetically sealed cooling system.
  • Insulated inner doors minimized cold air loss.
  • Fast cooling down ensured by effi cient evaporator with maximum contact with walls.
  • 130mm Polyurethane foamed insulation.
  • Heavy-duty casters with built in adjustable stands.
  • Round corners provide easy cleaning.
  • 3 Built-in access ports.
  • User-friendly interface and eye level control panel provide easy operation.
  • Easy to clean condenser filter (Pic. 2).
  • Pressure equalization port allows easy access to cabinet after door closing.
  • Low noise level fans and compressors (50dB).
  • Heated door seals (hot gas) prevents ice to build up.
  • Door length handle for easy opening at any height.

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