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EUTECHINST | Aksesuarlar | Buffer & Calibration Solutions (480 ml)
Buffer & Calibration Solutions (480 ml)
Product Features :: Buffers and calibration solutions packed in 480 ml durable plastic bottles ...
EUTECHINST | Aksesuarlar | Calibration Sachets (20 x 20 ml Per Box)
Calibration Sachets (20 x 20 ml Per Box)
Product Features :: Economical NIST-traceable sachets for quick, accurate and convenient calibr...
EUTECHINST | Aksesuarlar | Computer Cables
Computer Cables
Product Features :: Various types of adapters are available for used with different meters. Pleas...
EUTECHINST | Aksesuarlar | Grip-Clip™
Product Features Use this innovative electrode accessory to save time while preventing electrode ...
EUTECHINST | Aksesuarlar | Electrode Stand with Swivel Arm
Electrode Stand with Swivel Arm
Product Features Electrode stand with swivel arm allows convenient hands-free operation. Holds up...
EUTECHINST | Aksesuarlar | RS232 Thermal Printer
RS232 Thermal Printer
Product Features The convenience of printing directly from your meter whenever, wherever! This co...
EUTECHINST | Aksesuarlar | Power Adapters
Power Adapters
Product Features ::Replacement and optional adapters provide you with the power you need.
EUTECHINST | Aksesuarlar | Hard Carry Case
Hard Carry Case
Product Features ::Made of sturdy reinforced plastic, the kit comes complete with calibrating sac...
EUTECHINST | Aksesuarlar | Precision pH Simulator
Precision pH Simulator
Product Features The Eutech pH-millivolt simulator is a handy, easy-to-use service tool for testi...
EUTECHINST | Aksesuarlar | Soft Carrying Case for Waterproof Testrs
Soft Carrying Case for Waterproof Testrs
Product Features ::Suitable for all Waterproof Testrs and EcoTestrs ::Protect your meter o...