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| LAMY Vizkometreler

LAMY | Vizkometreler | Viscometer First Prodig Cp 1000
Viscometer First Prodig Cp 1000
The FIRST PRODIG CP1000 offers unparalleled ease of use and modularity. It incorporates a support fo...
LAMY | Vizkometreler | Vizkometre RM 100 CP 1000 Plus
Vizkometre RM 100 CP 1000 Plus
Equipped with a fluid circulation for temperature control (bath not included), the RM100 CP1000 PLUS...
LAMY | Vizkometreler | GT 300 Prodig
GT 300 Prodig
The GT300 PRODIG measures your gel time, show curves, analyse your data and print reports. Autonomy ...
LAMY | Vizkometreler | First Prodig
First Prodig
The viscometer with a 7 ‘’ touch screen allows you to create and save your measurement methods, disp...
LAMY | Vizkometreler | B-One Plus
B-One Plus
Intuitive and powerful, the new B-ONE PLUS will surprise you with its extended measuring range i...
LAMY | Vizkometreler | First Plus
First Plus
With its expanded programming possibilities and increased modularity, the FIRST PLUS will be the i...
LAMY | Vizkometreler | First Pro Plus
First Pro Plus
FIRST PRO has the same enhanced programming capabilities as the most complete instruments to maxim...
LAMY | Vizkometreler | RM 100 Plus
RM 100 Plus
The RM100 PLUS is the viscometer with largest speed and torque range available on market. Create y...
LAMY | Vizkometreler | GT 300 Plus
GT 300 Plus
The GT 300 PLUS is a «Gel Timer» to measure all curing times of your products. Combined with dispo...
LAMY | Vizkometreler | RM 100 CP2000 Plus
RM 100 CP2000 Plus
Cone and plate measuring systems are adapted for samples in limited quantities and difficult to cl...
LAMY | Vizkometreler | Portable B-One
Portable B-One
The PORTABLE B-ONE is the ideal tool for your viscosity measurements in the workshop, production a...
LAMY | Vizkometreler | Portable RM 100
Portable RM 100
No matter where, the PORTABLE RM 100 allows you to bring your viscosity measurement methods where ...