Digital pH Meter and EC Meter

Pocket EC Meter PAL-EC

The PAL Series now has an EC Meter! The Pocket EC Meter PAL-EC is capable of measurements with just 0.6ml of sample. The unit also features dual scales of electrical conductivity (mS/cm) and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) (ppm). The PAL-EC is ideal for use in a wide variety of fields such as Agriculture (soil and hydroponics) or Industrial (waste water or cleaning solutions). *Calibrate with the Standard solution (12.9mS/cm). Specifications ModelPAL-EC Cat.No.4331 ScaleElectric Conductivity Method TDS Temperature Measurement RangeElectric Conductivity Method : 0.00 to 19.9mS/cm  TDS : 0 to 9950 ppm Temperature : 5.0 to 100℃ ResolutionElectric Conductivity Method : 0.01 mS/cm(0.00 to 1.99mS/cm) 2.0 to 19.9 mS/cm(0.1 mS/cm) TDS : 5ppm(0 to 995ppm) 50ppm(1000 to 9950ppm) Temperature : 0.1℃ Measurement AccuracyElectric Conductivity Method : ±0.04mS/cm(0.20 to 1.99mS/cm) ±0.4mS/cm(2.0 to 19.9mS/cm) TDS : ±20ppm(100 to 995ppm) ±200ppm(1000 to 9950ppm) (at 25℃) Temperature : ±1℃ Calibration12.9mS/cm Temperature compensation range10.0 to 40.0℃ Ambient Temperature10 to 40℃ Sample VolumeAt least 0.6ml Measurement TimeApprox. 3 seconds Power SupplyTwo AAA alkaline batteries Battery LifeApprox. 8,000 measurements (when using alkaline batteries) International Protection ClassIP 65 Dimensions & Weight55(W)×31(D)×109(H)mm, 100g

Digital pH Meter DPH-2

ATAGO is proud to introduce our new digital pH meter, DPH-2. Like all ATAGO products, the DPH-2 is extremely easy to use. It has a compact, portable design and is water resistant (IP67), so it can be cleaned under running water and submersed into water without any negative effects. It has an Automatic Temperature Compensation mechanism that function from 0 to 50°C. With these features, the DPH-2 is perfect for many different applications including food and beverage production control, brewing and fermentation, soil and hydroponics, cutting oils, alkali washing liquids, and other soluble solutions. Great Features at Great Price. *Calibrate at 3 points (4.0, 7.0 and 10.0). Specifications ModelDPH-2 Cat.No.4320 ScalepH Measurement Range0.0 to 14.0pH Resolution0.1pH Measurement Accuracy± 0.1pH (2.0 to 12.0pH) Temperature compensation range0.0 to 50.0°C (Automatic Temperature Compensation) Power SupplyWatch battery (LR44) × 4 International Protection ClassIP67 Dust-tight and Protected against the effects of temporary immersion in water. Dimensions & Weight4.5 × 3.0 × 16.3cm, 90g (Main Unit only)

Digital EC Meter DEC-2

Introducing the DEC-2, ATAGO's new low Priced Electric Conductivity Meter. The compact, easy to use design makes the DEC-2 the ideal instrument to take anywhere you need to measure conductivity. The unit is water resistant (IP67). The DEC-2 also features Automatic Temperature Compensation from 0 to 50°C. For soil and hydroponics, industrial washing liquids, checking wastewater and other soluble solutions the DEC-2 is an easy and accurate, not to mention inexpensive, way to measure conductivity. *Calibrate with the Sodium Chloride(0.71g/100g). Specifications ModelDEC-2 Cat.No.4340 ScaleConductivity Measurement RangeConductivity : 0.00 to 19.90ms/cm ResolutionConductivity : 0.10ms/cm (The second decimal place remains '0'.) Measurement AccuracyConductivity : ±0.20mS/cm (At 0.0 to 10.0mS/cm) ±0.40mS/cm (At 10.10 to 19.90mS/cm) Temperature compensation range0.0 to 50.0゚C(Automatic Temperature Compensation) Power SupplyWatch battery (LR44) 1.5V × 4 International Protection ClassIP67 Dust-tight and Protected against the effects of temporary immersion in water. Dimensions & Weight4.5 × 3.0 × 16.3cm, 90g (Main Unit only)