Radiopharmacy Equipment

Radiopharmacy Hood

The RADIOSAFE Series provides ISO Class 5/Class 100 HEPA filtered unidirectional (laminar) vertical airflow and safely handles potentially hazardous materials. The unit incorporates a 3/4" lead shield to provide protection while compounding radiopharmaceuticals. The Class II Type A RADIOSAFE Series of Biological Safety Cabinets meets all requirements for USP 797 compliance and is constructed from 100% Stainless Steel. Units are available as Class II Type A or A2. Performance Data The Class II, Type A Laminar Flow Biological Safety Cabinet provides protection for the user, product and the environment from particulate and aerosol hazards. The BBF Series of Vertical Laminar Flow Biological Safety Cabinets pass the Biological Tracer Containment Tests of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). All units are NRTL listed with MET Labs to comply with UL1262. General Information Outer cabinet and work surface are welded stainless steel with a pharmaceutical grade finish. Front lifting viewing panel is easily removed and is gasketed to provide a proper seal when in place. Ergonomic front panel is concave permitting operator to lean into work area, reducing strain. High capacity motor/blower system with speed control extends HEPA filter life. Supply and exhaust HEPA filters are parallel to work area and each other to prevent turbulence. Stainless steel fillter screen is removable for easy cleaning. Removable stainless steel work tray facilitates easy clean up and decontamination. Fluorescent lights are externally mounted to minimize heat build-up. The I.V. bar is located in the work area and includes 12 stainless steel hooks. Filtration The work area is continuously bathed with positive pressure ISO Class 5/Class 100 HEPA filtered air to protect product from contamination while a negative inward airflow protects the user. Approximately 70% of the air from each cycle is recirculated through the supply HEPA filter while the remaining air is discharged from the hood through the exhaust HEPA filter. Lead Shielding Lead-lined dose calibrator housing (2" thick lead) Dose calibrator monitor arm Lead on sides, back and bottom (3/4" thick) Heavy duty 37" tall all-welded stainless steel stand Sliding leaded glass shield with 3/4" lead (13 3/4" x 20") Viewing window in shield is 8"x8"x4" with a density of 5.2g/cm3 Electrical Separate lighted power ON/OFF indicator switches for blower and lighting Voltage = 115 Volt, 60 Hz (220 V/50-60 Hz also available) Ten foot power cord with a molded grounded plug Amperage rating: 10 amps Equipment Specifications Overall Dimensions: 5 0" W X 27" D X 94" H Work Area Dimensions: 48" W X 22" D X 29" H Weight: 2700 lbs

Radiopharmacy Isolator

The Germfree Shielded Isolator provides advanced product and personnel protection while compounding sterile radiopharmaceuticals. Our Shielded Isolator functions as a Glovebox while operating under negative pressure to meet NIOSH recommendations. Additionally, the unit complies with USP <797> regulations for operation outside of a cleanroom. Unidirectional laminar airflow system maintains ISO Class 5/Class 100 air quality under dynamic conditions. HEPA filtered unidirectional (laminar) air bathes the work area to protect the product from contamination and removes any particulates generated by sample manipulation. The unit has 1/4" lead shielding for protection while compounding sterile radiopharmaceuticals. Users are completely shielded from materials being manipulated in the work area. Germfree's Radiopharmacy Isolator meets or exceeds ISO 14644-1 Class 5 (Class 100) air quality under dynamic conditions. The LFGI Series Isolator does not require an ISO Class 8 cleanroom. The unit fits Atomlab and other dose calibrators. Each Shielded Isolator undergoes rigorous physical testing to assure the unit meets performance requirements.